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Qui sommes-nous: Témoignages


ERTE is located in the Grenoble area, a strategic axis between Italy, Northern and Southern Europe and at the crossroads of historic routes for heavy convoys and large vessels.


This particularly attractive location is a good stimulus, generated by the diversity and performance of the companies established there.


ERTE is a team of experts at your service for exceptional transports, as well as advice for the realization of your projects or organizers. We ensure on your behalf all the administrative and organizational charges of your exceptional transports .


We speak French, English, German, Spanish, Italian fluently.

Our area of ​​influence is Europe.

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Notre zone d’influence est l’Europe.

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A team of experts at your service for your exceptional transports

  • Philippe FAVIER : organization of transport in France, TE consultancy for public works and lifting companies.

  • Emmanuel FAVIER : organization and coordination of transport in France and Southern Europe.

  • Denis RAVIX : organization of transport in France, transport commission contract, heavy transport specialist, study and reconnaissance of large-gauge routes.

  • Marc RICHARD : pilot car driver and experienced guides. Route recognition.

  • Christelle GOURIN : obtaining permits and organizing transport in Italy, France and Benelux.

  • Magali FAVIER : obtaining a license in France, Germany, Switzerland and administrative consultations.

  • Marie BROTTET : financial and administrative management. Obtaining a permit in France and administrative consultations.

Equipe ERTE transports exceptionnels
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